Model #15 Zaleski Snow Guard

Comes in more than 50 Different Colors!

Our Best Selling Zaleski Model #15 Snow Guard has been manufactured and sold by us for over 70 years, right here in the United States. The Zaleski model #15 plastic snow guard is an optimal cost effective choice for Metal, Rubber, PVC and Glass roofs

With over 50 different color choices from neutrals to reds to blues and more, you are sure to find one that will match your project! 

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Everseal Surebond


SB-190 is our best selling sealant it is versatile and forms strong bonds with many substrates. SB-190 forms a waterproof and impact resistant bond.


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Do it

Yourself Tool

The #24 Installation Tool Makes Existing Slate Roofs a Breeze.

Best Sellers

     Get Them Before They Are Gone!

For Slate, Asphalt and Wood Shingle Roofs

Our Model #4 Copper Snow Guard 

One of the Best Options for Slate Roofs!

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