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Zaleski Snow Guards was founded by Joseph Zaleski over 70 years ago, in the 1950s. His son Jay Zaleski has succeeded him, now the current owner of the business after his fathers passing. Jay, a roofer by trade, began his own roofing and home improvement company 35 years ago, Ales Renovations. 


Why You Should Choose Zaleski Snow Guards


Why Choose Zaleski Snow Guards Instead of Pipe-Type?

Install individual Zaleski Snow Guards throughout the roof to distribute snow in an even blanket so the job will be complete once and for all. 

One (1) pipe type snow guard installed at the eaves does not work!  To remedy you have to install many more pipe type snow guards or add individual Zaleski snow guards to supplement the 1st row of pipe type.

The noise and disruption caused by avalanching snow can sound like an earthquake alarming the occupants of a building. Providing the proper snow guard protection is crucial especially in school buildings where safety is essential and noise should be minimal.

When a car rolls down a hill you do not try to stop it at the bottom of the hill with a barrier. Instead a car has internal brakes. The same applies to snow. By having individual Zaleski Snow Guards the snow is held in place, like keeping the brakes on!  Do not try to stop it at the bottom of the roof with a pipe type snow guard. Keep the snow from sliding in the first place by using individual Zaleski Snow Guards.



With Zaleski Snow Guards, Saving Money is always in style


When trying to stop snow from sliding downward most believe the use of pipe type snow guards will do the job. This is a “snow job”, an untruth.  The rail type snow guards appear strong but cannot keep a roof full of snow from sliding. This can be compared to a boxer who has a well built body but does not know how to box, and thus keeps loosing. Zaleski Snow Guards installed throughout the roof work together to get the job done as “Many hands make for light work”. Preventing the snow from sliding in the first place is more effective than allowing it to slide downward to a rail.

Also, Zaleski Snow Guards are less expensive than rail snow guards. Saving money is always in style.

About Zaleski Snow Guards

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