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Installation on Slate, Asphalt, Tile

and Wood-Shingle Roofs

The Zaleski Models #4, #8, #12 and #13 are best for Slate, Asphalt and Wood Shingle. These guards can hook over slate singles without nailing. But require nailing on asphalt and wood shingle roofs.

The Zaleski Model #6 Copper Guard is Best for all types of Tile Roofs. These guards can hang over the edge of the tile without nailing.

The Zaleski Model #7 Copper Guard is designed to be soldered to the surface of a copper roof or applied with sealant(see other directions). Do not use nails, screw, etc. can cause roof leakage.

On Asphalt and Wood-Shingle Roofs
  1. Mark each location where Snow Guards will be place

  2. Nail each Snow-Guard securely in place according to spacing instructions , with standard roofing nails.

On EXISTING Slate Roofs

  1. Mark each location where Snow Guards will be placed.

  2. Slide the special #25 Installation Tool under the butt edge of two shingles at a vertical joint.

  3. Slide the Snow Guard between the tines of the tool into the join between shingles, until it hooks securely over head edge of shingle course below.

  4. Remove Tool and Repeat.

On Tile Roofs
  1. Mark each location where Snow Guards will be placed.

  2. Lift tiles by hand or with a screwdriver

  3. Hook The Snow Guard over the head edge of the course below.

Spacing Instructions

We are always willing to provide assistance with Snow Guard Spacing Instructions! Ask Us!

You can either contact us by telephone, email or reach out via the contact section of our website!

If our spacing and Installation instructions are not followed, we cannot guarantee the snow guards will work properly and stay adhered.

Zaleski Snow Guards For Roofs Inc Telephone: 860-225-1614

100 Production Ct Email:

New Britain, CT 06050 Website:

Zaleski Snow Guards For Roofs Inc., purchases sealant from outside suppliers, does not provide installation services, has no control over installation and is therefore not responsible for failures due to sealant or faulty installation by contractor.

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