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Instructions For Installation With Selant

Snow Guard Installation Using Sealant

1. Prepare Snow Guard Location on Roof.

a. Mark each location where Snow Guards will be placed.

b. Rub (not enough to remove paint) each roof locations with Scotch-Brite Pads.

c. Wipe off each Snow Guard Location with clean rags.

d. Using alcohol clean each of the Snow Guard locations.

e. Wipe off each Snow Guard Locations with clean rags.

2. Prepare Under Side of Snow Guards

(If Guards are New Design with raised bumps on back side skip this step)

a. Rub the underside of each Snow Guard with Scotch-Brite Pads.

b. Wipe off each guard with clean rags

3. Apply Primer if Roof is Rubber, Vinyl, TPO or Glass

Rubber Roofs – Use #4799 Primer as per directions on container. Let air dry.

PVC/Metal Roofs- Use #1099 Primer as per directions on container. Let air dry.

TPO Roofs- Use #4693H Primer as per directions on container. Let air dry.

Glass Roofs- Use Silane Glass Treatment AP115, as per directions on container.

4. Apply Sealant and Affix Snow Guards to Roof

a. Apply a full bed of sealant at least ⅛” in thickness between roof and underside of Snow Guard.

b. Press Snow Guard firmly down onto prepared site downward onto roof.

c. Use palate knife or another tool to remove excess sealant.

Spacing Instructions

We are always willing to provide assistance with Snow Guard Spacing Instructions! Ask Us!

You can either contact us by telephone, email or reach out via the contact section of our website!

If our spacing and Installation instructions are not followed, we cannot guarantee the snow guards will work properly and stay adhered.

Zaleski Snow Guards For Roofs Inc Telephone: 860-225-1614

100 Production Ct Email:

New Britain, CT 06050 Website:

Zaleski Snow Guards For Roofs Inc., purchases sealant from outside suppliers, does not provide installation services, has no control over installation and is therefore not responsible for failures due to sealant or faulty installation by contractor.

Plastikowa osłona przeciwśnieżna nr 15 w kolorze Pacific Blue
Scotchweld #1099 Klej do dachów metalowych
Scotchweld #4799 Kleje do dachów gumowych
Scotchweld #4693 Kleje do dachów TPO
Osłona przeciwśnieżna nr 15 z tworzywa sztucznego w kolorze kanadyjskim

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