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Ordering Season! Get your Snow Guards now!

Welcome to My World of Snow Guards!

For 73 years we have provided excellent customer service by providing a way to protect your roof from snow. We are the first to provide the classic #15 Clear Snow Guard which is one of our best sellers!

We also provide you with all necessary tools to install and remove your snow guard on your own. No contractor needed!

Our main adhesive for installing Snow Guards is Sure Bond-190

We also provide local service for some jobs! Contact us below.

Always remember, if you never been on a roof, we do not recommend installing Snow Guards on your own!

Now is the best time to place your order. We recommend early mornings when its cooler outside in the summer months, but starting in September is much more successful!

Different colors of snowguards and the adhesives and primers to adhere to metal, shingles and many other types of roofs.
Snow guard DIY kit

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